Such is the sweet, subliminal effect of ellee ven’s music.  Surrounded by industrial and alternative, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard and paid attention to the kind of rich, luxurious melody and lyric that ellee ven provides.


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IGR: Have you encountered any new and exciting music genres in your recent travels?

ev: Oh gosh much was inspired.  I’m weirdly attracted to Balinese bells and even chanting as a layer.  I watched this amazing dance in the  Monkey Forest in Bali and it sounded almost like beat boxing. An amazing layer of sound. The experience reminded me not to count out ANY soundscape.

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The best thing about Ellee Ven's 'groovetonics' sound is its combination of compulsive beats and Ven's voice which is soft, and deceptively gentle… Ven manages to convey a gamut of emotions ranging from fear through to a steely-eyed determination, without raising her voice.

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From her R&B beginnings to her self described “groovetonics”, a fusion of pop, rock and electronic elements, ellee ven marches to the beat of her own drum. This is no more evident than with the creation of her own record label Hot Sauce Records, which allowed her to take the reins of control over her own destiny and music output.

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Groovetronics: That’s how electronic/dance act ellee ven personifies her musical signature: a fusion of rock, pop, rap and electronica. Somehow, the mesh of seemingly disparate elements unifies for an upbeat
ethereal grab bag of tribal beats and treats, accompanied by ven’s dreamy, girlish vocals, which lie somewhere between Stacey Q and Everything But
the Girl’s Tracey Thorn.

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The sort of intoxicating pop groove that has made Madonna the queen of pop and other such darlings as Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani and Fergie stars doesn't come Rockwired's way too often. Since 2006, ellee ven has mined dance club gems from that very same groove but Ven manages to add a few exotic flourishes and instrumentation in the mix. The result is a melange of sound that she calls GROOVETONICS and it has served as the foundation for an intriguing series of albums punctuated by irresistible grooves and quirk. Now ellee ven is on the verge of releasing a brand new as yet untitled cd where some of the electronic sounds that accentuated some of her previous output has been replaced with live instrumentation without diminishing the groove that makes ellee ven's sound signature.

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This musician has been nominated as the artist of the year a couple of times and she has also won video of the year award for "Under My Skin" in 2006. Her achievements are not limited to this; she has been listed winner of Electro Pop Artist of the year in L.A. In 2007, Music Connection in 2008, Nominated for artist of their in 2009 by South Bay Music Awards.

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Wonder Where These Roads Will Lead Remix” is a fine example of what ven and a small back-up band can do as they create a piece that has a touch of old school acid to it. ven, who has also developed an animated series based on her personal experiences, has managed to largely avoid commercial pressures, is rewarded your randy reviewer’s “Critic’s Choice” for “Touched”. This is an intimate hip-hop/ electronica duet with Prodéje that just plain works and could no doubt be remixed into a great slow dance number to boot, providing ven’s fans still slow dance, of course. 

The closing cut is “Lovin’ Me (Bye Bye)”. Yet another cut that effectively teams up ven and Prodéje, this is somehow both classic “old school” and yet refreshingly new. Her Wildcat Lovin’ Majesty is catchy and current. If ellee ven keeps producing music such as this music fans might soon find themselves confessing: “she’s gotten ‘Under My Skin’ in a good way!

LA Music Examiner, William Phoenix

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