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ellee ven, is a singer, songwriter, creator and investor. 


ellee ven has earned over 17.2 million listens in over 111 countries. As a means of artistic independence, ellee ven is rooted in the rights to her catalog and believes art can move mountains. She considers her career highlights winning the Electro Pop Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards, producing PROJECT 11, an 8 part series of singles remixed by DJs around the world and being honored with the “Change the World with a Giving Heart” Award.

ellee ven’s music is inspired by insatiable wanderlust and is made pop luxury by producer Terry Santiel. Working with top tier talent, all are producers in their own right, into the band called The Groovalution. ellee continues to work most closely with drummer Jody Giachello & rapper Prodéje, keyboardist Jeffrey Motley and bassist Sam Sims. 


ellee ven’s work is proof that a vested interest in self-expression and creativity can power an artistic vision. The Groovalution is the culmination of that belief. She wants everyone to spark their own groovalution and find the empowerment that they are looking for in everyday moments using creativity as the basis for that fuel.
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